The Victorian Beat Poet

Mr Paul Voodini Esq.

“Steampunk! Goth! Victorian! Alternative!”

Imagine the thrill of watching Edgar Allen Poe perform ‘The Raven’ right in front of you! Imagine the Gothic delights of dark Victorian poetry being recited at your event, convention, party, or gathering! Paul Voodini takes classic poetry and breaths new life (and death!) into them, turning them into a thrilling roller-coaster ride for a 21st Century audience!

Watch the video below and see how Paul energises poetry, throwing together The Raven, Night Before Christmas, and other elements to create something new and exciting! Paul’s poetry talks of ghosts and hauntings, of thrills and adventure, of the dark and the delicious! It’s a poetic li-seance that only he can pull off!


Watch the Victorian Beat Poet in Action


Perfect for conventions, festivals, Victorian theme events and more!

Paul can provide recitals of 5, 10, 15, or 20-minute duration (repeatable throughout the day at conventions etc.), or a full 45 minute show.

His performances are also a great opening act for a more music-based evening ball or concert.

Paul can also provide a professional MC and/or host service for your event. Prices for all Paul’s services available on request.

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